The Cutest Meringue Ever!

Recipe from here: Pavlova Recipe (VIDEO) –

As you see from this photograph, Goldie did indeed nail the meringue! Which I am highly envious of…because I have a habit of cremating meringue. Every time I have attempted pavlova…I have failed!


When Goldie sent me this photo, I sent a little message to say thank you…and I added to my message a remark that I have not yet confessed to Gary (as in our Gary bereavedandbeingasingleparent). I said that it was astonishing that Goldie had managed to capture Gary in meringue form so accurately! “An uncanny likeness,” was my comment I believe!

Well…that was very bad of me…I have never seen Gary in the flesh…we are WordPress buddies, the same as many other bloggers, too shy to show our real face!

It’s not just me is it? Do you see a face in this meringue? Jack and me are split on whether it is a sad face or a happy face. Let’s go with happy!

13 thoughts on “The Cutest Meringue Ever!”

  1. Love the strong cute theme in so many of the photos we received!
    Mini pavlovas, mini cheesecakes, tiny teddies, kittens and little chicks…lovely!


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