Gingerbread Superstars

It’s time to spice things up a little – don’t you think! The wonderful Erin, creator of Life’s so complicated, has done exactly that! I love her gingerbread stars. Don’t they look fabulous?

THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF is partly to do with baking, but more to do with GREAT BLOGGERS. I have especially loved posts than inspired me and encouraged me to keep going during the challenging months that have affected us all. Erin is a superstar! One of my favourite posts from Erin was about HOPE. I loved it:

I especially love that Erin made gingerbread STARS for us. I cannot tell you how weird I found it eating gingerbread MEN when I was a kiddo. I remember being perplexed about biting off the head or leg and questioning if it was right. I preferred for my mumma to cut of the extremities of my gingerbread treat and leave me with a round torso that was was indistinguishable from another biscuit.


Gingerbread, possibly the best biscuit of all time. (Or if you think there is a better biscuit than gingerbread, let us know in the comments. Am I sparking the great biscuit debate?) I am putting the kettle on right now to make a round of tea for everyone to go with our bickies.

Gingerbread superstars rock!

…and in case you wondered why I have a complex about eating gingerbread men…here is the scene where gingerbread man is being interrogated by torture…”not the gumdrop buttons!”

11 thoughts on “Gingerbread Superstars”

      1. Jack told me I should have chosen Allstar for my music choice! Which I love…but I told him Shrek scenes and foodie posts don’t always mix!


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