Our Reigning Champion




What a fabulous bake from our champion 2019 STAR BAKER!!! I am sure that Sheree will be as keen as we are to discover who the 2020 champion will be!

You know why I chose this song, don’t you?…”APPLE PIE”!!!



18 thoughts on “Our Reigning Champion”

    1. I love that when Sheree decided to cross two famous dishes – apple pie and cake, it comes looking divine… …is this where you picked up the idea of crossing pizza and cheesecake Gary???

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    1. I am not very proficient when it comes to anything to do with computers. But I used the tag that appears when I view Sheree’s posts in WP Reader. At the top it has the name of her website which if you click takes you to her site. On the left column, it shows you her username and her little picture.

      Does that make sense??

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        1. Sorry I am so useless in explaining anything technical.
          I often try things with WordPress, trying to learn about what it will let me do as I go long…sometimes things work, sometimes they fail.

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    1. I think it is very clever, because when I have made apple cake, it went a little bit mushy but apple pie cake means you will have some lovely crumbly texture with the cake and fruit. Yum!


    1. I would love to be having a slice for breakfast!!!
      I read in Sheree’s interview that she sometimes flys her cakes overseas…London is not too far away from France…I am wondering if she could send it over!! ❤

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