Oooooh – That Looks Lush!

Sophie, the creator of Foodzesty, has brought drinks!!! Yay for Sophie. We were feeling very thirsty after the amazing parade of BAKING and PICNIC creations.

With summer time oozing of this lush mocktail, look at how fabulous Sophie’s Watermelon Grenadine Mocktail is! Sophie published a beautiful post detailing how she made this perfect summer drink:

Watermelon Granedine Mocktail

Watermelon Summer Mocktail

Seeing that succulent fruit is making my mouth water! I don’t know if I should offer an apology for going for the obvious song, but it this track has a great feel to it. I think it’s just right for the kind of laid-back music you would want at a picnic.

11 thoughts on “Oooooh – That Looks Lush!”

  1. Yes it is very tempting but I have stopped taking chilled food articles since March 2020,so sad, nevertheless I have to wait to try it at home.Thanks a lot for the lovely presentation.🙏👍🌹

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    1. Jack went out and bought a watermelon and a lime today! He saw Sophie’s post and then I showed him another post we have tomorrow with watermelon (with booze) and he decided to make that one instead.

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