Intergalactic Baking

Our international GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC has now gone intergalactic! I am not suggesting that Yorkshire folk are from another galaxy – oh no! But the pride of Yorkshire – that’s our Gary, aka bereavedandbeingasingleparent, has created something quite out of this world!

fsgfgrgrGary has been at it again! If you have been following Gary’s baking practice runs, you may appreciate that he has gone from strength to strength and has been bravely been taking on all manner of baking challenges.

The results have been simply astounding…if that is the right word. But this particular BAKING creation, one of Gary’s challenges as he was undergoing tough mental and physical preparation for THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC has won my full respect.

I have never attempted to make doughnuts in my life, but Gary has not just made the kind of factory produced doughnuts you see supermarkets churn out by the dozen. No, Gary has made these unique flying saucer shaped doughnuts with a dusting of sugar.

They slightly remind me of one of my favourite sweets from childhood, aptly called “Flying Saucers” and full of sherbet sugar.

The funny thing is, as soon as Gary emailed me photos of his BAKING creations, I started to prepare this post. Then very soon afterwards, I saw his post in which he revealed Gary’s son came to exactly the same conclusion I did:


image (1)

I have complied a special list of tracks inspired by Gary’s baking…and this one fits so well into the Saturday night party mood – Gary has the power! I was thinking of the lyrics from the original Snap track…”It’s gettin’ it’s gettin’ it’s gettin’ kinda hectic”.

I loved the start of this mash-up….but I have to admit, about two-thirds of the way through, it started to make me dizzy….and I am not just talking about the spinning stars….I couldn’t identify all the tracks involved in the mash-up, which makes it bonkers to listen to. But hey…if you can dance to all the different beats in this…you will burn off all the calories from drooling at photos of BAKING and PICNIC creations today!!

14 thoughts on “Intergalactic Baking”

    1. You elevate baking to heights never seen before! ❤
      You got the power! I am listening to the I GOT THE POWER mash-up and after the watermelon cocktail Jack gave me, it is making me so dizzy!

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