Cake-Cycling Magic!

Our next BAKING CREATION comes from Fab Foodie Swede Malin, the creator of Fab Foodie Swede and is a brilliant way to make a delicious treat out of leftovers. I am passionate about recycling…so to find a recipe that recycles cake is superb!

Malin published the post below explaining how she made leftover cake into a glorious sweet snack that is perfect to bring along to a picnic:

Image (1)

Malin’s foodie site is packed with recipes and tips. She also has the opportunity to introduce us to great chefs and their restaurants, although the social distancing restrictions paused Malin’s travels for a short time. I think that meant Malin has been even busier in her kitchen because there are more than ever of her beautiful home-made dishes.

As soon as I saw these treats were called Hoovers or Dustbusters….I could not stop singing the tune to this advert I grew up watching:


I should really have consulted Malin to see how she felt…but do you have any idea how much I want to include a nod to that group…you know…perhaps you have never heard of them, but they were from Sweden!

With the fabulous line “how can I resist you?” it seems a great song to be part of a parade of tempting BAKING and PICNIC creations!

9 thoughts on “Cake-Cycling Magic!”

    1. Ingenious! I think Malin said they are in Swedish coffee shops.
      What I remember most from my visit to Sweden (besides it being a stunning country) is that everything was so practical. The idea of Swedish coffee shops using leftover cake to make these and selling them – that’s so clever!!

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