Art and science


For many blogging on WordPress is mainly about producing fantastic fiction and phenomenal poetry. Well, we invited two of WordPress’ most talented creative bloggers to get creative and we are thrilled to share with you their work!

Our first special guest is Puman, the creator of paeansunpluggedblog, who created this fantastic poem, inspired by BAKING and family fun!!!


My friend, the fabulous Mel along with Gary and Jeanne had held the fantastic bake-off last year. I had written a fun poem about it. This year the bake-off is back, bigger and better as THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC ! To celebrate the festive like atmosphere, in these trying times, here is my verse!

What Will Be In Our Picnic Basket?

‘It’s an art,’ she glowers
‘It is all science,’ he insists
I smack my head in exasperation,
(Secretly smiling at their joshing)
‘It is baking, plain and simple!’
My off-springs and me are stationed in the kitchen
After an afternoon of wrangling and arguments.

I am reluctant to pass the baton
But tired of their everyday demands
I decide to divulge some secrets
Of my much guarded weapon of satiation!
The man of the house hovers in the background
Curiosity in his eyes, a smirk…

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