A Simply Irresistible Combination

Mocha cake slice - My Slice of Mexico

And look at the size of Irene’s cake! That means there is enough for everyone to have a slice at THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ 2020 SUMMER PICNIC! If you are going to tell me you are one of those weird people like my sister Milly, who does not like coffee flavouring, hey…that means more cake for me…and Irene of course…and all of us who find mocha irresistible!

Mocha cake - My Slice of Mexico

Now I am torn…I was all set up with the Mexican Shuffle in honour of Irene’s WordPress blog… (look out for the kittens in the hammock!)


…but after she has made a cake that I find simply irresistible…well, I had Robert Palmer swaying me. Well this is an international party, so we can have both!


26 thoughts on “A Simply Irresistible Combination

    1. I grew up thinking coffee and walnut cake was the best food on the planet….then I discovered mocha! Aaaah for me coffee in baking is unbeatable – my sister cannot stand coffee flavouring! I sometimes how we could be related!

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  1. Thank you so much, Mel, for choosing not one, but two! songs to go with this post, and for making my cake look so good! I am trying to get the post on this cake ready ASAP, with recipe. The cake was baked in a 9X13 inch Pyrex mould, then cut in half lengthwise, so it made a quite long bar (13″ hehe), and the creamy filling and icing made it tall, too. Mocha cake was one of the first cakes I ever tasted as a kid, a special treat I once had at a department store’s cafeteria while shopping with my mom, so like Gary @ Bereavedandbeingasingleparent, this cake makes me think of my mom; I have loved mocha ever since!

    Thank you all for your kind comments! Grab a fork, all mocha lovers, there’s plenty to go around!

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    1. Update: I now have posted the recipe for this cake:
      Classic Mocha Slab Cake
      and realized that I had said the Pyrex mould was 13X9 inches! It is really 11X9 inches, so the cake was about 11X4.5X3 inches, still large, but not as long. However, there is still enough for all the picnic goers, and mocha lovers joining the party!


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