Baking Disasters Are The Best!

So far Gary and I seem to be the only bloggers who have dared to share out baking disasters. If you tried to BAKE or make a PICNIC creation…and it did not go so well, we would love to see your photos!




18/19TH JULY 2020


7 thoughts on “Baking Disasters Are The Best!”

    1. Yayyy! Amanda, I cannot wait to see your bake!
      Last year your chocolate mudslide cake was awesome.
      We have a complete mix of baking and picnic creations this year. Some of the bakers are in a league of their own! Gary and I seem to be lowering the bar significantly!!!
      But as you know…it is all great fun. We love how many bloggers are getting involved – the response has been terrific!!!! We are so excited about next weekend – it is going to be one awesome party!!!

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  1. I wrote a special section in Song Lyric Sunday this week for your challenge.
    Attention – The Great Bloggers’ Bake-Off is taking place next week, which looks like a lot of fun, so try to join in with your best recipes and photos. Hey good lookin’, what you got cooking, how about cooking something up for me?

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