When Do I Call The Police?

Chili, Peppers, Orange, Red, Green

I sent Jack out to buy some chillies for something we are going to cook/bake over the weekend, while I jumped in the shower. He has been gone for an hour. I have tried to call and sent him a couple of text messages and he has not replied.

Either he took a wrong turn and ended up following his GPS all the way to Swiss Cottage, or he has been mobbed by fans and had his shirt ripped from his back.

When should I call the police to say my boyfriend is missing?

15 thoughts on “When Do I Call The Police?”

    1. He gifted me with flowers and some treats from a an organic supermarket which sells very expensive things.
      I needed chillies and onions. He came back with two packed shopping bags. He also posed for some photos with people who recognised him and I told him that is a no-no. Social distancing means he should not be letting strangers stand next to him for a photo.

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