3 thoughts on “Have You Received Your Invite?

  1. Hello! I am new to blogging, three months in. :0 What is the great bloggers’ bake-off?




    1. Hey there!

      Last year we three of us hosted THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2019 during which we invited bloggers to bake their version of a layered cake and send it in.
      Last year we published each submission one at a time to show everyone some of the fabulous bloggers out there. It helped to build some lovely blogging connections and it was a family fun event that made a positive joyful contribution to the spirit amongst WordPress bloggers. You can see the round up we did at end of the weekend (last year) in this post:

      We wanted to hold the BAKE-OFF again this year but it has been hard to find baking essentials at local stores during the coronavirus craziness. So we decided to invite bloggers to either bake (if they could) or to make a picnic snack instead.
      We have had a wonderful response. During the weekend of 18/19th July we will be showing WordPress the fantastic submissions we have received.
      It is lots of fun, and a chance to make connections with some really lovely bloggers!
      We love that there is an international community on WordPress who are creating joyful positive posts to bring cheer to readers! We want to add to that.
      You can see the cakes that we were sent last year


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