It’s A Right Thumper!

fdsjgdfaf I am in a bad way today. Major headache alert!!!

I cannot shift this pain despite taking ibuprofen and having plenty of water. I have tried to be gentle with myself. I have done lots of ironing and some cleaning. But several times I have had to go and lie down on my bed because the pain is making me feel so ill.

I only mention this because I usually make some time on Sundays to catch up with replying to the lovely comments that have left on the posts that were scheduled while I was at work this week.

I am just finding it hard to think straight with this head thumping away. I will get there in the end!

This one is not so much a sweet little headache, it is more of a bullying brute!

27 thoughts on “It’s A Right Thumper!”

    1. Thank you so much Wic ❤
      I find your posts splendid and intriguing. I always feel as if we peering into a secret friendship and makes us curious about mysterious Pogue.

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    1. I have broken all sleep records this week! I am on late shifts at work…and after sleeping twelve hours on Saturday night, I have been sleeping for ten hours every night since!
      It tells me my head needs some TLC.

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    1. Thank you John. It took a while to ease off. I always get a little bit nervous about Aspirin because it can be a blood thinner. It might be be over-worrying, but during the year after my head injuries I was told to avoid Aspirin. It might be safer for me to take now though.


    1. Thank you Alison. It’s amazing how much I have needed to sleep since that headache started. I think I could break Olympic sleepathon records!


      1. I can sympathise as I used to suffer from three day migraines and just had to stay in a dark room and the very worst thing is vomiting with a migraine 😖


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