Peace Of Mind

If the taunts of strangers could be quashed, slander by people I respected could be obliterated, if wounds inflicted by dearest friends could heal.

If my favourite park was not where I was violated and left for dead…then I would be at peace. I would have peace of mind.



This is my response to this week’s 50-Word Writing Prompt hosted by Deb Whittam  and Kristian Fogarty:

7 thoughts on “Peace Of Mind”

    1. It was my frame of mind when I saw your beautiful photo yesterday. I thought it was such a peaceful beautiful location. But peace of mind sometimes needs more than a location.

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    1. I am ok. I find that every June I have vivid flashbacks to the events I referred to.
      I have learn to accept that it is a time I need to allow myself a little space to shed a few tears and express some of the pain that lingers. It is very cathartic to find a way to be creative about it. But I try to keep it in it;s place the rest of the year. In a sealed box, high up on the very top shelf I cannot reach. For some reason each June it the box jumps off the shelf and the contents tumble out again. But I let myself grieve over what happened, before I put that box back up on the top shelf…and I carry on with my wonderful life.

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      1. You have a wonderful attitude. Thanks for opening up about such a painful part of your life’s story. And I’m glad you have a wonderful life. 🙂


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