My Boyfriend’s Back!

I have missed Jack sooooooooooooo much! It has felt like forever that he has been away. I have been worried about him. Worrying about someone who is miles and miles away from you is hard!

London, Heathrow, Aircraft, Airport

Aaaaah sigh! It’s so good to have him back! This is the man I love. I was secretly hoping he would not be allowed to go abroad when he left in March. I was secretly hoping he would come home early. He admitted his heart was split. He has loved his time out there. But he has been worried about me. He has come home because of me.

He is still an international volunteer. When I went to a park and woke up the next morning in an ambulance, my health suffered a blow which means I currently don’t meet the criteria to be an international volunteer. I am thrilled that Jack can do what I cannot. I mentioned a few days ago…there is a very complicated situation caused by the rift that occured between us six years ago, which culminated in my dramatic disappearance from London five years ago (after I was attacked). That caused sensational waves and Jack and I have still not calmed the waters.

Now he has to quarantine for two weeks before I can be back in his arms. But I am going to go and see him at some point. He will stand on his balcony and I will call sit on the grass outside sunbathing and we will talk. I have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off work. Yay!!! I am just not sure I can be near the park where I was attacked. I don’t think I am up to it at the moment. My chest feels traumatised from all the flashbacks and moments of fear I have had these past few weeks.


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