Grades Mean Nada!

I realized today…that part of me that teachers tried to develop has long since ceased to breathe. The seed they planted has dried up and withered.

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Today I sat an exam. I aced it. It’s not the first test I have aced. I went through years of schooling and college education acing tests and being given A* grades. But it all became meaningless a long time ago.

It’s just a piece of paper. In fact nowadays, they try not to give you a piece of paper – everything is digital. But at least the course I had to do for work is out of the way. Grades mean nothing. Nada! Zilch! Educators like to put you in a little box and boost your ego. I have never bought into their nonsense.

What matters is the qualities within – the secret person of the heart – the love you show to others without any hope of reward, the courage to keep going when your hopes and dreams have been crushed, the mildness you display when others wrong you.




10 thoughts on “Grades Mean Nada!”

  1. I think there will be a significant change in education due to parents being home with their kids and seeing what they are supposed to learn and how they’re supposed to learn it. I think it’ll be an eye-opener for parents, particularly those who send their kids to “the best schools.” Maybe less emphasis will be placed on the grades and more on actually learning something.


  2. I absolutely agree that what’s within matters. But I would say how much you know can also matter. If a doctor, engineer, lawyer, electrician, or plumber hasn’t also mastered the knowledge that’s required for their trade, they won’t be able to help the people who rely on them.


    1. I had to do this course to make it ok that I have been doing what I have been doing the past few months. With no staff, we had to do things we shouldn’t have been. Now it’s legal. So from that point of view it was important.
      I wrote this because everyone was woo-hooing because I got 100%….and spreading it on their social media.
      Do I care? Not really. Three of the questions I did not know the answer to….so I guessed.
      Every other question I knew.
      I felt very uncomfortable about it because I know I have colleagues who did not get 100% when they say the exam. I was not pleased with the reaction.
      If I got all the questions right but turned up late every day, was horrid to my workmates and rude to patients…I would have missed the point altogether.
      I passed…I have the proof I can legally practice…and for now I don’t have to worry about coming home from work exhausted and having to write reems in response to the questions and case studies I have had to study for.

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      1. Ok that makes sense. So maybe what you know matters, but the whole song and dance to prove what you already knew doesn’t matter. That’s great that you’re finally done.


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