Would You Like To Come Over For Supper? (Don’t Be Fooled – This Is Not A Food Blog)


I have been looking at lots of other blogs.  (Especially the blogs produced by everyone who has kindly decided to follow or like one of my posts.)  There are some really beautiful blogs out there.  I have to admit foodies, travellers and fashionistas are particularly amazing.  Your blog sites are stunning!  I love the phenomenal photos, the delicious details, the infectious enthusiasm.  I am so impressed by the blogs I have been scrolling through – truly inspirational!

I am not great with a camera I must admit.  Someone mentioned they thought my stories needed photos to make them look a bit more appealing.  I am trying – honestly!  I have to remind myself to take my tablet out to take photos that will relate to my stories.  I promise I will work on making my blogging site more appealing and colourful…if you have not realized by now, I am in this for the story writing.  But I am trying to apply all the lovely advice and helpful tips that readers have given me.  It has been delightful to receive feedback and encouragement.

To mark my appreciation for all of the kind and supportive words that other bloggers and readers have been sharing with me, I thought I would invite you all for supper.  I have in mind a very tasty summery dish that is vegetarian (so many vegetarian and vegan blog sites out there) and I will make some hummous, a crisp salad and a crusty loaf…plenty of lime and lemongrass pressé (wine will be available if you do like to indulge)…and if you would like, I will even make a naughty pudding for dessert.  I am going to abstain from naughty pudding myself, so I can work towards being almost perfect for my Goldfinch.

I am not a food blogger (and by the end of this post you will probably be thankful of that!)…but this is my attempt at a colourful post, full of photos and chatter.  The recipe came out of a magazine…I am sorry I do not know which, but I deserve no credit for this culinary creation.  I am going to turn these beautiful specimens into our yummy supper.

Start of Supper

The oven is on, pre-heating to 200ºc …do you need me to find out the temperature for an oven with a gas supply?  Apparently that would be Gas Mark 6.

So, sorry for stating the obvious, but I have washed the peppers before anything else. Then I have cut them in half and scooped out the seeds and the white stringy bits.  Then as you can see I have arranged them in an oven-proof dish.

Halved peppers

The next step is to take 100g of pistachio kernels and put them into a dry saucepan.  They need a gentle toasting.  You just begin to smell them cooking and then you need to take them away from the heat – unless you are fond of the taste of burnt nuts.

Now if you have a pestle and mortar – and you probably will if you are a food blogger – then please use this to crush the toasted pistachios.  I don’t have one, so I painstakingly chop them up with a knife.

Put them aside for now, they are going to be used later.


Now I have to get ready for the teary-eyed bit…chopping two onions.  Red, white, green – your choice.  I have used one red and one white today.  I have also chopped up four cloves of garlic.

Into the saucepan it goes with a nice lug of olive oil.  This needs to heat gently for about 8 minutes until the onions are soft and smelling delicious.  They should not be crispy, so gently does it with the heat.


I have weighed out 200g of rice.  Today I am using organic brown rice…because that is what I found in the cupboard.  I think other rice would work just as well…maybe much better.  I have added one teaspoon of dried oregano and a few twists of salt and pepper.

Oh no, you can see the reflection of my hand while I take the photo…that looks a bit creepy weird doesn’t it?


I have thrown this into the saucepan with the onions and garlic and stirred everything together thoroughly.

I have already prepared a jug with 300ml of boiling water and a vegetable stock cube and a tablespoon of tomato puree.


So the tomato-ee veggie stock goes into the saucepan with the onions and rice and everything is mixed again thoroughly.

I am going to let this mix simmer for another 10 minutes with regular stirring.


In between stirs I have prepared some of the other ingredients.

200g of feta cheese – crumbled.

A handful of flat-leaf parsley and a handful of mint leaves – chopped up roughly.

Oh and those chopped up pistachios.

So remove the saucepan from the heat and now mix in these last few ingredients…the aroma is so yummy.

Feta Nuts Herbs

Then…the nicey ricey goes into those halved peppers….

Stuffed Peppers

Now we need another one of these.

300ml vegetable stock and another tablespoon of tomato puree mixed together.

This should be poured over and around the stuffed peppers.


I then put a layer of foil over the top and bake the dish for a whole hour.  After an hour, I remove the foil and allow it to continue baking for another 15 minutes so that the top is a tiny bit crispy.

And voila!!!


Bon appetite!

This might not look the most appealing recipe you have seen this month (and I am sure my photography does not make it look more enticing) but I will say this…people love it!  Everyone I have made this for raves on about it…I love supermarket magazines for the recipes they contain…not too many ingredients, not too much skill and they often are very delicious.

I know what you are thinking…Caramel should definitely NOT start a food blog…safer to stick to the story writing.

All the same…thank you again for a very warm welcome to blogging.  Keep the tips and advice and comments coming.  It makes it so much fun to come home from work and see what might be waiting for me.

Now…who would like to help me with all the washing up?


39 thoughts on “Would You Like To Come Over For Supper? (Don’t Be Fooled – This Is Not A Food Blog)”

    1. Would you be happy if I nominated you for the three day three quote challenge. I have been nominated. For the next three days I have three posts to publish inspired by quotes that have influenced me. The challenge states that you have to nominate three other bloggers for the challenge each day – nine in total. I have nominated three bloggers in my first post which I am about to publish. Could I nominate you on Day Two? Would you be happy for me to do that?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I would be delighted if you do that. I am so happy that you have been influenced by my post. 🙂 Though I don’t know if would be able to do the same for other bloggers posts due to a very busy schedule I have this week😐

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Don’t worry…it does not have to be this week….use whatever time to prepare three posts and then take your pick when they are published…but do it over three consecutive days…the rules of the challenge are copied from one nominee to the next…. I was nominated a few days ago but it has taken me a while to prepare my posts.
          I am pleased you are happy to do it.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey mydustyflipflops…thank you! I am having fun…at the moment. I am trying to make sure I have lots of light-hearted fun posts. It makes it feel like I am writing to friends.
      I have to work myself up for some posts about how Caramel was crushed…finding I can only work on them for a few minutes then I have to come away and work on something more cheerful. I want the site to be cheerful and full of life on the whole and the posts about the challenge she faced have to be written in a delicate way.
      Always grateful for your encouragement.

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  1. Loving the pictures… The one with your hand reflection helped me to feel more like I was there watching. 😊
    I’m afraid peppers and vegetables really aren’t my thing, I’ve recently discovered pistachio as an ice cream flavour though. 😊
    I’ll stay to help with the washing up, but only if I can watch you make that delicious pudding you mentioned. 😊

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  2. Great Job!! Love it!! This is similar to the Greek Recipe…Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers otherwise known in Greek Gemista…The difference is that we do not cut the Peppers in half…:) Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I originally published this two years ago, and later I found out it was a Jamie Oliver recipe. I think it was his recommendation to half them down the middle.


  3. This reminds me a recipes that my mom use to make when I was a kid! I grew up super poor but if my parents had a bit of extra grocery money they would make stuffed bell peppers with brown rice and sausage, then bake them in the oven. I know other kids thought that was gross but I was heaven! So yummy!

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