Embers That Still Burn

Conrad, Tree, Love, Para, Woman, HeartOnce two people have shared that spark, that bond, that secret private connection…it is hard to throw water on it.

That is especially the case when nothing went wrong with their relationship other than physical factors…timing, distance, or other barriers to them being together.

When two people still have that attraction and think fondly, the temptation to think back and remember that intimacy is always there. The desire to be in that person’s arms is always there. Always trying to justify the continued contact while pretending that nothing will ever happen.

But as my parents always wisely told us – it takes three things…the desire, the timing and the opportunity. If you have those three things, it is very likely to happen. When you sense the desire is strong, you have to be very careful never to allow the time and the opportunity to coincide…because desire can be very powerful.