Moving Onwards And Upwards

Landscape, Mysticism, Mystical, Mood

I am one of these people who doesn’t make roots

But floats around from place to place

People tell me that I really must settle down

That I ought to own my own space

But I prize this gift not many others possess

Freedom to move and leave no trace

No responsibilities, no debts, no contracts

I’ve no heavy burdens to face

These people who tell me that I’m no achiever

One day they will get off my case

I live simply with contentment and avoid stress

I avoid this world’s crazy pace

When others realize they can get off the treadmill

An impossible dream they chase

Cast off their slavery, be free now they know that this

Corrupt system is a disgrace

Saving the planet, other creatures and ourselves

Rejecting the absurd rat race

If we were all content with the things that we need

Don’t you think that would be ace?


5 thoughts on “Moving Onwards And Upwards”

    1. I can only imagine! 🙂
      Having a family is a whole different ball game.
      I told myself if my little apricot had lived I would have got out of London and gone to Snowdonia to be near family.

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