Zorbing For Safety Purposes

Girl, People, Tenderness, WomanGetting to and from work is becoming a challenge on a Saturday. I feel like painting a big sign with a notice to say I am on my way to my work and am part of the NHS – so please let me through – and please stay two metres away from me because I will be dealing with people who are already sick.

It’s awful to see people displaying such appalling behaviour. Here I find myself feeling threatened and afraid of the same people who may have been clapping for the NHS every Thursday for the past couple of months.

Hey peeps – I have been stuck doing overtime for almost six months. I would be glad to be able to get to and from work safely. Violence on the streets of London – like we needed that!

Zorb, Zorbing, Rolling Downhill, SphereI want one of those zorb thingies. Never mind being in a support bubble. I want a big biodegradable plastic bubble that means I am protected from people throwing things in all directions and screaming all sorts of angry chants. I have no idea who is who – just that they are all angry. None of them seem to look as if they have any solutions to offer – just anger and hatred.

Haven’t you read the book? It was all written in advance. While you read it, could you leave a safe route for me to get to work – please. There are some very sick people we are looking after. It would help if I arrived at work in one piece.


Moving Onwards And Upwards

Landscape, Mysticism, Mystical, Mood

I am one of these people who doesn’t make roots

But floats around from place to place

People tell me that I really must settle down

That I ought to own my own space

But I prize this gift not many others possess

Freedom to move and leave no trace

No responsibilities, no debts, no contracts

I’ve no heavy burdens to face

These people who tell me that I’m no achiever

One day they will get off my case

I live simply with contentment and avoid stress

I avoid this world’s crazy pace

When others realize they can get off the treadmill

An impossible dream they chase

Cast off their slavery, be free now they know that this

Corrupt system is a disgrace

Saving the planet, other creatures and ourselves

Rejecting the absurd rat race

If we were all content with the things that we need

Don’t you think that would be ace?