Would You Like To Be In A Bubble With Me?

Soap Bubble, Butterfly, Cornfield, LightPlease don’t think I personally am in any way mocking the latest ease in restrictions within the UK. I think it is a very kind and helpful idea that will make a difference to some.

But I have already had six text messages from people asking me if I want to be in a bubble! Spoilt for choice. One of them is my ex (you know the one before I met Goldfinch), and the answer is “NO WAY”!!!

I have had three male friends ask me…and I think they are asking every female in their contacts. I have two female friends who have said for weeks they were struggling with loneliness. Both of them are alone in this country with their family in other European lands (or the mainland as my beloved Goldfinch used to call it).

Cup, Mug, Tea, Bokeh, BeverageI thought I would suggest they team up together. I am working so many days, I am not sure I want a friend staying at my place and making a mess. I would have more cleaning to do on my day off.

Or…maybe they would do the cleaning while I was at work…and the laundry and ironing. Maybe they would cook dinner for me so when I came home from work I could just relax. Actually…a bubble is suddenly sounding like a great idea!

But I am fussy…perhaps I will advertise my requirements for a bubblemate. They would have to be clean and preferably vegetarian. Non-smoker goes without saying. There is nowhere to park a car here. Someone who didn’t have loads of stuff. I don’t have much storage here as it is. Someone who can make a mean cup of tea!

Applications can be made in comments section below.

Glorious Multicoloured World

Girl, Color, Black And White, Brush

Why are our skies shades of blue…or grey…or every colour of the rainbow at dawn and dusk? How many shades of green have you seen in fields and forests? How many hues of pink, purple in your garden or in a meadow? The fruits and vegetables we eat are yellow and orange and red and every joyous colour. Who created life to be so colourful?

Our world is multi-coloured, full of variety and rich in goodness and excitement. We all love that our life, our planet, our world is so diverse and so colourful. We are a rich tapestry of interconnecting threads. What makes us magnificent is when we work in unity and create something wonderful together.

We are the exceptional human family and we live on the most stunning planet in the known universe. We need to learn to care for our home planet, its incredible creatures and each other so that all can thrive, all can feel the full joy of what it means to be alive, without fear.

βρῶμα θεῶν

Here is a recent post of mine to give you some inspiration for what you might be able to create for THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC.

Santorini, Oia, Architecture, Greece So we have been told to forget the idea of summer holidays during 2020! No problem! Even if we can’t go to visit the beautiful countries of this world, we can still bring a little taste of international cuisine to our dinner table!

Opa!! Today is the day I am turning to my Greek cookery book for a much loved recipe. I mentioned to a couple of bloggers recently that I often make tzatziki. This recipe is one that I have been following for a few years now, and to me it has taken tzatziki to another level. It is so more-ish now. I often make a tub of tzatziki and one of hummus and add crudite and snacks for guests who pop over (not at the moment of course!)


So….here are the ingredients I use for this yummy dip:

One small carrot, Half a cucumber, 500gr/ml of Natural Greek Yoghurt,, 5 cloves of garlic – minced, A teaspoon of salt, Pepper, 2 dessert spoons of red wine vinegar (or other vinegar) and 3 dessert spoons of olive oil

 The first thing I do…is grate the carrot and the cucumber. Then I place the grated mix into a sieve and press it with the back of a spoon to squeeze out as much of the liquid as possible.


Then I add the grated carrot and cucumber to the natural Greek yoghurt and give it all mix together.


Then I add the rest of the ingredients, the minced garlic, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar and olive oil,


I mix everything together and taste it to see if it needs any extra seasoning.


And there we go…home made tzatziki, thanks to my Greek recipe book. This is a little batch. The rest I gave away. I am not very good with dairy so I just kept enough to have a little with my lunch at work over the next couple of days.



I am sure many of us are missing travel. But we can still enjoy the wonderful flavours and cuisines from the lands we cannot travel to right now. It has inspired me to start thinking of all the different places I would live to visit and look through my cookbooks so I can still enjoy a taste of international culinary tastes.

This evening, I am going to sip my ouzito and tuck into my Greek salad and then have another early night so I am ready for work tomorrow. Hopefully I will dream of being in a Greek paradise tonight!

Santorini, Greece, Ia, Panorama, Sunset