These Boots Are Made For Walking

Nothing says “WE LOVE YOU” quite like a pair of wellington boots.


When friends who want to cheer you up know just how to make your smile. When they decide that it is is not satisfactory that your old wellington boots spring leaks. When they conclude that your old wellies would make perfect flower pots and you need wellies with a firmer sole to get you through the muddy months in the English woods.

Aaaaah! Sigh! There are so many different ways to show love…and wellington boots are definitely a great way to do so.

2 thoughts on “These Boots Are Made For Walking”

    1. Love them! The ground is dry at the moment, but in the winter the woods nearby are always very muddy. I have good leather walking boots but hate having to clean them every time I go walking so the leather is ruined. Whereas with wellies…I just leave them outside my front door, brush off the dry mud and a good clean once a month or so.

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