Let Me Know When It’s Over


Since they told me to STAY AT HOME and self-isolate due to being over seventy and having angina, I have remained hidden away. I’ve lived on baked beans and tinned macaroni cheese for the past twelve weeks. The only company I have had is a little brown mouse that creeps in at night to stay warm and safe from the night owls.

Now they tell me that since I shut myself away, the whole world has gone crazy. I had no idea I made that much of a difference. Perhaps I should get myself back out there and spread a little love and kindness everywhere I go.

Or maybe I will stay within my interior rooms and let this corrupt world dismantle itself. Please knock on my door and let me know when it is all over. I’ll emerge when you tell me it is safe to do so.


This ickle post was written in response to FANDANGO’S FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE:



16 thoughts on “Let Me Know When It’s Over”

    1. It’s a long time since we saw this kind of activity in London. I think the marches in connection with the trouble in Northern Ireland and Poll Tax were the last time we saw people attacking police here.
      All the months of protecting people’s lives by social distancing and now throngs of people screaming and some kicking police down to the ground.
      I think there are some who would love to lock themselves away until this has passed.

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      1. Mel, these are difficult times for the planet. In some sense it was inevitable but another part of me wished it would happen long after I was gone.


        1. I was just talking to a friend and I said part of me wants to crawl into the back of a cave and hide until it is all over. Another part of me wants to jump out with a whistle and tell all the people arguing to be nice to each other and no pushing the other kids.

          In all honesty I am just trying to keep going with this crazy pace at work. Still working at least six days a week every week. Feeling super tired! Still have lots of sick patients. Now getting to work on a Saturday is becoming scary.

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    1. First we were telling older members of the family to stay in doors because of the virus, now we are telling them it is safer indoors because there are opposing groups of protestors going doolally outside and we don’t know how much more violent things will get.


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