One Human Family

Earth, Peace, Together, Symbol, Community

I have been at work day after day after day…sometimes I miss what is happening on the news. But I did see scenes that baffled me the other day.

We are one human family. We are protecting people from a killer virus. But we know that as well as this invisible physical threat, there are other threats to our human family, forces which incite outrage and seek to cause division and hatred.

Because I work with international non-political charities with volunteers from over two hundred nationalities and diverse cultures, I sometimes forget that in the world at large people can behave in such a depraved way.

A human family…all of us with the responsibility to learn to look after our planet, look after each other and look after our health. Education is puerile if it does not teach people how to love. I love this human family and can’t wait for all to be healed in every way possible – physically, emotionally, mentally – the ability to feel joy, to feel safe, to feel valued healed.

Show love. Please show love. Remember we have all been asked to follow guidelines to save people’s lives. Love our worldwide human family, many of whom are fearful and confused. Love conquers. Love each other.

We are all learners at love.


7 thoughts on “One Human Family

    1. It’s hard to understand why anyone would see the human race as anything other than one inter-related family. I don’t understand borders and visas and walls. I don’t understand armies and weapons. I don’t understand slavery and corruption. So sad to think what some people have done to other people. But I do believe most people want love and peace to rule.

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