Escaping While I Can

I have been doing extra hours and extra training at work. But now I have been thrust into a situation which means I need to leave this job due to my personally security being compromised. It comes as a blow. This is not a great time to be looking for another job.

Escaping, Girl, Woman, Young, Female, Person, Winter

I think I am going to be able to stay until August. If I can’t find work here in London, I will have to go and stay with family. It may be more difficult to find work elsewhere. But at least I can do something – I can help with cleaning and other things.

22 thoughts on “Escaping While I Can”

    1. A job is just a job. So long as there is some way to earn my bread and butter, so I can be fully involved in volunteering I will be glad. These uncertain times make me a little nervous. But I cannot worry about what has not happened yet. I have also been able to pick up cleaning jobs when I could not find suitable part time employment.

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