Love To Italy

Italy, Sea, Houses, Cinque Terre

I keep thinking of my friends in the north of Italy. Many of them have lost family and are finding the shutting down of normal life around them hard to bear. I am trying to keep in touch with them in my non-working hours. Many of them have amazing resilience and remarkable faith. We have had some very touching discussions over the past couple of weeks.

Many countries have been affected severely by both the …you know and all of the social distancing restrictions that were put in place. But whenever I watch the news, it always seems that Italy has had a ferocious battering in this storm.

It makes me sad because it is such a beautiful land, with such lively gregarious people, such extraordinary architecture and art and such delicious food. My heart has been with Italy throughout these past few months – especially with my dear friends over in the north of Italy who have suffered loss.

9 thoughts on “Love To Italy”

  1. Yes, parts of Italy have really felt the brunt of the storm, particularly Brescia and Bergamo. Fortunately, they appear to be slowly but surely emerging showing that the strict measures taken were appropriate.

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    1. I haven’t met any bloggers yet.
      All my Italian friends seem to know the words to beautiful arias off by heart. We have had some amazing evenings where they break out into opera.

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