The Cloud Weaver

Bride, Dance, White, Ethereal, Dream, Smoke, Smoky

I was on my way home from work one day

Smiling and waving at passersby

All of a sudden I looked up above

And became quite transfixed by the sky

The scene on high was a treat to behold

Fluffy candyfloss clouds caught my eye

Instinctively I knew just what this meant

The Cloud Weaver is dancing on high


With charming grace she can kick up a storm

You’re unlikely to find her when you try

Her movements proceed the beating of rain

You won’t hear her dance because she’s shy

She pirouettes, she leaps up and she twirls

Far and away her little feet fly

She silently dances up there and yet

Leaves dreamy white scenes for you and I


Next time you go out, look up at the sky

Search for the Cloud Weaver dancing on high

3 thoughts on “The Cloud Weaver”

    1. That’s exactly why I wrote this poem. I was walking home from work and there was an elephant shaped cloud. It made me smile so much! I felt as if someone up there was having great fun making shapes for us to spot.


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