Heart Breaking Over Here

I came home from work to find an email which broke my heart.

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In some ways, it is good I suppose. I have been wondering for weeks what would happen with the £900 flight to Australia I had booked. Everytime I asked my travel agent, they said it was too early and I would have to wait and see.

But now I know…

The email was short and sweet. It informed me that Qatar Airlines had cancelled the flight and I will receive a full refund. I should be relieved that the matter has been resolved without any stress. I should be glad I am going to get every penny back. I should be pleased that it will prevent me from putting my manager and colleagues at work under extra pressure because I am not disappearing during this intense time at work.

But all I feel is heartbreak. I have had my cry. This is me wanting to talk about  how I feel now. I will call a friend. I won’t call Jack. I don’t think he will like how sad I am that I now know for certain I won’t see Goldfinch. I will call another friend. Maybe I will call Goldfinch. Not right now…he will be asleep.

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I miss him so much! I have no idea when I am going to see him again. So so sad 😦

How will I get to him? How will I endure until the next time I see him? Sad lump in my throat. Heavy weight on my heart.

I know I keep featuring this song…but it is my Goldfinch song. It says so much of how I feel about him and his being on the opposite side of the planet.


14 thoughts on “Heart Breaking Over Here”

    1. I am not afraid for me….
      I have been very careful throughout these past months on account of our vulnerable patients.
      I would love to be there with him. I would love to be trapped in Australia unable to fly back to London.

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    1. My travel agent said they have submitted the claim for a full refund. They said it will take 8-10 weeks and I just sit and wait. Well….not so much sit…I am running round on my feet all day at work.

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