You Make Me Want To Shout

On Air, Microphone, Radio, RecordingThere is this radio presenter on a radio show, well I think it maybe the entire radio station actually…I cannot explain how much I wish I did not have to hear it.

In the course of my working week, I sometimes work with a colleague who is great. Really really nice person. Very good at their work, great with staff and patients alike. However, this colleague really likes a radio presenter, on a radio show, on a radio station that is/are controversial, superior, critical and just – ugh!

Everytime I hear this guy wittering away with his cynical style, I want to run. I want to throw water over the radio. I want to to protest that we have to work with this guy draining to morale out of us.

Oh what to do! I don’t want to be a grumber. I really like my colleague. I just wish my colleaguee was not so keen on listening to one of the most annoying broadcasts there is.

3 thoughts on “You Make Me Want To Shout”

  1. Steve Wright always did it for me. Not rude or offensive or anything, just irritating. He used to be on R2 but not sure now. There was a time I’d spend all day listening to the radio when I was first recovering, but I can’t concentrate with it on now.


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