Stretching My Imagination

Writing, Write, Person, Paperwork, Paper As many WordPress users have a passion for creative writing, I am sure there will be a lot of you who will understand what I am about to say.

Writing has become a more important part of my life. I have been writing very long letters to friends and family since I was a child. My correspondence is the backbone of my writing.

I quickly fell into the habit of writing twenty page essays throughout high school. Whenever it was needed, I would write comprehensive reports at work, often volunteered for the task by my supervisors, who knew it was effortless for me.

Technology, Laptop, Keyboard, ComputerJust over two years ago I ended up here on WordPress, initially posting about my own personal life. But I was reading the flash fiction, stories and poems from other WordPress users and I learnt so much. Gradually I started to play around with fiction and have a try myself.

Three books later…I have found that writing fiction is part of every day. I still write very long emails to friends and family all over the world. But, I also need to spend my fifteen minutes before bedtime stretching my imagination and developing a character that has popped up into my head.

It’s a funny thing how creative writing can become something you look forward to everyday.


28 thoughts on “Stretching My Imagination”

  1. Yes!! I agree whole heartedly! I used to never write as many creative pieces. Now its basically the only thing I write! It has been such a joy to find a creative outlet in writing.

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    1. I think that is the word “joy”. Even when you are writing about harder subjects, there is a huge reward that comes from turning the feelings within into something creative.


  2. My characters become so real to me. Do you find that? It’s taken me a while now to finish my book Ghosted and my main characters are in my head night and day. They’re like real people!

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    1. Totally!!!
      I have taken Annabelle around in my head for months! I went through a stage when I could not stop thinking about Chris and how much he deserved a very happy ending.
      I remember you mentioning Ghosted – have you published it yet?

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  3. I love all writing, even technical reports. But I look forward to writing my science fiction stories. The characters are interesting, the world-building is exciting and the plots are sometimes curious. Dare I say, writing is as much fun as reading!

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    1. It was after my trip to Australia last summer (your winter) that it all started. I came back with a lot on my mind and in my heart. Kim had published a post with a list of writing prompts and one of them really struck a chord with me. I wrote a short story….then decided to write a follow up. Before I knew it, I was submitting a 240,000 word manuscript to publishers. It has turned into a three part series. I never ever expected that.

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      1. wow that really is impressive … and publishers picking it up is even more impressive, congrats!

        One reader today was encouraging me to write a novel but I haven’t found the incentive or the story yet …


        1. I leant a lot from submitting my manuscript to publishers. They very kindly took pity on me.
          First of all they explained the length of my manuscript did not fit what they were looking for. In the romantic fiction genre they wanted more like 60,000-100,000 words.
          Also they said I needed to strengthen to POV and main themes of the book. They said I needed to make the dialogue more relatable in parts.
          I was also told the USP was the mental health themes and to focus my attention on doing justice to the subjects I have raised.
          Noone offered me a traditional publishing contract. I had numerous offers requiring me to shell out a substantial amount of money for their editing, publishing and marketing services, which I had to decline because I did not have a fraction of that money.
          However, it was through one of the publishing companies that I started being mentored by an editor. I had the wrong impression at first. I thought it was her job to dissect the book and find every spelling mistake. Not at all. She has had great advice though and has encouraged me to press on to completion.

          As I just cannot afford to invest in the services the publishing houses were offering, I had not choice but to go for self-publishing. In some ways that is a shame because as I don’t use Facebook etc my marketing will be poor. However, a lot of my friends and family have been supporting me and promoting the books.

          In all honesty, it is me that has got the most satisfaction from writing. I didn’t shy away from hard subjects and it meant a lot to lift the story from a romance to a story about our journeys in life and how much we can learn and become richer by the challenges we face. I wanted it to be realistic rather than fanciful, but fiction has allowed me to make it a very colourful story.

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          1. sounds like you’ve really poured your heart and soul into this project and I can’t help but feel it will be very successful … our world needs more stories that are realistic and address MH issues!

            And you experiences have been fruitful atho they sound exhausting … great journey and I’m sure you’re documenting this for other bloggers who dream of publishing too 🙂

            Take care and good luck with the entire project … I just have to remember to check in on your progress now and then 🙂


  4. I’m in agreement with you. I spent many an evening writing from my dorm room. No not from college, from boarding school in Margate, Kent, England. I guessed you are from England. If I’m wrong forgive this old dude. I love writing and writing stories and poems of my own. do check out our blogs.


  5. Agreed. I work on my second novel, or next blog every day. Even if I have only time for a paragraph before the day starts. If I at least do that, the day that follows always seems a little better. Thanks!


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