I Would Never Say No To A Custard Cream

I am having so much fun developing some of the new minor characters in Book Three of my LEARNERS AT LOVE SERIES. Without giving too much away (well you will know this if you have already read the posts I published last year containing Annabelle’s story), my main character spends some time in North Wales.

lfdhsvbsdfhvbNow when I originally wrote the story, I didn’t have any scenes in Wales, I just skipped that bit. But I have been working on some very crucial developments in Annabelle’s thinking and learning about herself…and to help her along with that process are a handful of Welsh characters.

“I would never say no to a custard cream.”

“I happen to have a partiality for Jason Donovan.”

wasahd“Those sunglasses do make you rather conspicuous. The whole village thinks you are Delta Goodrem. Well you do look a lot like her.”

All week I have been thinking in Welsh, as my characters interact with Annabelle and cause her to see things in a different way than she has before. It’s fun. Book Three has some really hard stuff in it. So I am loving the process of injecting lighter touches and moments of humour to break up the harder passages.

I am nearly finished. I reckon I am 95% there. I have one more chapter featuring a very special character named Maggie (she is a new addition) and I need to write a letter that Annabelle sends to Dean. Then I am ready for it to be published. My wonderful friend has already prepared my book cover and a preliminary manuscript has been loaded. So, it is just down to me to finish off. Soon I will be holding all three books of the complete LEARNERS AT LOVE series. I cannot wait!

11 thoughts on “I Would Never Say No To A Custard Cream”

    1. I am so excited about publishing the finale of the three part series. I have been very careful to make sure everything was addressed thoroughly. It is a dramatic stage in Annabelle’s life and some of Part Three is hard going. So I have been weaving in more humour and colour to lighten the feel. I am really proud of Book Three. Lots of my friends who work in mental health have given me some input which has made it even more special.

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      1. Awesome! I’m so proud of you for doing this. I’ve written a cozy witchy novella over the lockdown so I’ll be pubbing for the first time soon. Let me know if you want to swap books and review or cross-promote!


    1. Gary…I am just so glad I have the quiet and circumstances to have been able to write what has turned out to be a story straight from the heart.
      I am sure everyone has at least one novel within them but so many do not have the chance to get it out onto the page.

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