At The End Of A Shift

Black Woman, Jumping, ChoreographyWork is hard going at times. But having a little sing and dance session at the end of a long stressful day has become a popular event.

My manager calls it therapy. It’s also a good way to get our heart racing – dance (well the way we dance anyway) is a great form of exercise.

We love it! It is also a great way to switch off from the things that weighed on your heart during the day.

I know everyone is pleased with the NHS at the moment. One thing that is important for all of us is taking a break for the sake of our mental and emotional health. We work hard…but at the end of a shift, being able to have a dance with some music is really good for the heart.

The funny thing is., we don’t normally do this. It’s only since the …you know… began that we have needed these little bursts of fun to let go of all the pent up stress.

9 thoughts on “At The End Of A Shift”

  1. Cool! I love dancing! And singing!
    In fact, one of my favourite Pentatonix songs talks about this, one of the lines being: “Sing, sing, sing, sing – sing it out as loud as you can!”

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