Peanut Butter Nutter

Board, Bread, Brown, Butter, Crumb, Food Slowly becoming addicted to peanut butter. I bought it once as a treat, but every week since, it has found its way into my shopping basket.

This is not good. I do not want to start putting weight on because I cannot control my peanut butter cravings!

Although…work is hard at the moment. Can you blame me for wanting some extra delicious calories to give me the energy to face work?

15 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Nutter”

    1. I should look into that.
      I think because I am doing so many extra hours at the moment, I am perhaps hearing my body asking me for more calories. I can only guess that’s why I have the sudden craving for peanut butter.

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  1. Don’t blame you at all! I’ve been a bit stressed lately as some things have been hectic, so I’ve taken to eating chocolate.
    The only thing I’d warn you about with peanut butter is that it gave me the runs as a kid, so be careful how much of it you eat 🙂

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    1. I am trying to give my body whatever it needs at the moment. I am working so many extra hours at work…so I am sleeping more and letting myself eat plenty of food because I am on my feet all day dealing with difficult situations. I don’t want to deprive my body of rest or nutrition.
      My boss keeps giving me Cadburys Cream Eggs.

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      1. Yeah, same. I’m trying to be careful of the amount I eat due to weight concerns, but also trying to make sure I eat enough to keep me healthy and going – which can be hard to balance when temptation steps in.
        Oh, that’s nice of him 🙂


  2. Is it smooth or crunchy peanut butter you are currently craving?

    At the moment I have some hazelnut spread for toast, but while the apocalypse is raging I have been cutting down on my bread consumption and partially as part of a scheme to lose a bit of weight.


    1. I think crunchy is my preferred. But sometimes I have just had to take whatever was there.

      I have two slices of dark sourdough each day. Either breakfast or my sandwiches for work.

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  3. I flipping love peanut butter! Last week I tried making it for the first time…and it’s even better than the stuff you buy at the shops. You should totally give it a go.

    I roasted the nuts first to give it a super deep flavour. 🙂

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    1. I am so intrigued. I have never thought of trying my own nut butter, but after Sheree mentioned it, I feel I have to try it.
      I love cashews….I think I might try to find a recipe to make cashewnut butter.

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      1. It is sooo easy. The things that made it better were 1. roasting the nuts so they are warm (the oil comes out more easily) and 2. whizzing them for 3 minutes more than you think you need.

        I bet cashew nut butter would be gorgeous!


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