I Have Friends Everywhere

Photographer, Photo, Woman, Outdoors, Nature, Travel Jack! I know what you have been up to! I have friends everywhere. Don’t pretend with me!

Jack sometimes reads my posts. I know he does because sometimes he will ask me if I have been writing about him or Goldfinch. I have been open and honest with Jack about him coming back into my life at a time when I was in love with someone else – but that’s another subject.

He made me laugh the other day. I asked him a question and he became flustered on the phone. I was asking about the filming he had told me they would be doing the day before. He is not good at hiding things. Later that day I received an email from some friends of mine who had met him for the first time. They have been out in Africa, and they happen to be in the area Jack is currently posted. Not only that they happened to see him when he was doing some filming with a group he has been working with.

Relaxation, Mountains, Top View, NatureIt all made sense! Jack – lovely Jack – was asked by one of the young men about whether he is married or has a girlfriend. Anyway…my friends told me how Jack answered. Blush! Jack!!!

It’s great to have eyes and ears everywhere! I so want to see that video!!! Jack is a keeper!

I do wish I was with him. But I also feel very purposeful here because there is a big need here for the whole NHS. I do find voluntary work more purposeful. It’s not within my reach to do what Jack is doing right now. I have to be able to pass all the assessments – fitness and emotional strength and everything. I did pass, years ago. But since then a lot has happened. Would I pass again? I have no idea. But these long days and demanding conditions while working for the NHS are making me feel a bit more confident about my chances for requalifying.

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