Caramel’s Second Anniversary!

I came home from work and had a little peek at my WordPress notifications. My plan for this evening is to do next to nothing! I am tired. Am I allowed to admit that? These long days at work are catching up on me. Five deaths in as many days…it is tiring physically, mentally and emotionally.

However, there was a little message which cheered me up. Two years ago a very patient friend helped me set up my WordPress site. We called it CRUSHED CARAMEL (LEARNER AT LOVE)…but at the start of 2020, I dropped the “CRUSHED” and now, it’s just CARAMEL (LEARNER AT LOVE).

I am glad I have this avenue to process my thoughts and feelings in a sometimes creative way. I am also so glad for all the posts from other bloggers which make me smile, laugh and think. There is such a lovely blogging community out there, and I am very pleased to be a little part of it.

Now I am going to celebrate my second anniversary with an enormous cup of tea!

2 Year Anniversary Achievement


Happy Anniversary with!

You registered on 2 years ago.

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

35 thoughts on “Caramel’s Second Anniversary!”

    1. Thank you Peter!
      When I started on WordPress, I never expected to be still writing on a regular basis two years later.
      It’s been great though. Other bloggers make it great!


    1. Didn’t you give us one of your songs on your second anniversary?
      If I knew how to film myself, I was tempted to do a video of me dancing on my table in celebration.
      (Because it’s only a real party when someone starts dancing on the table, and I am often the firest to volunteer!)

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      1. Haha, that would be good to see 🙂
        I only discovered recently that the camera on my laptop can do videos as well as take pictures, and then I found out I could download them to Youtube and use the links to share them on Facebook and on here. It was a bit learning curve. I may record the song Congratulations and leave you a link 😉


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