The Night I Knew I Had Fallen In Love

Meal, Food, Dinner, Lunch, Restaurant Do your remember that evening? It was bitterly cold outside. I was shivery cold even though you had your arms around me most of the afternoon. You icy fingers had been finding gaps in my clothing, creating gaps in my clothing. You watched my eyes as I reacted to the freezing touch against my skin.

By the time we found that restaurant, I was turning blue, not sad blue, not highly inappropriate blue, but blue from the cold. I was sniffling and sneezeling. You walked into that restaurant and saw a table empty. Without speaking to the maitre d’, you grabbed that table and dragged it in front of the fireplace. You sat me down and kissed my temple.

ahsdfI am not sure when exactly I fell in love with you…but I often think back to that evening. I think I knew that night, I didn’t want to ever be apart from you. I’ve never understood since, why I should be apart from you.

You have left me with a million memories. Memories which I treasure and carry with me everywhere I go. I do sometimes question why I felt I should stay here, when you went away. You know how things have turned out for me. Love from another found me unexpectedly. He brought a longed for sense of peace. He is perfect for me in so many ways. But you, to me, are as precious as it is possible for another human to be.



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