Changing My Mind More Often Than I Change My Knickers

Aaaah sigh! I must be a nightmare to work with. My lovely friend who is helping me with the covers of my books has tried to implement some of the suggestions I had after your helpful comments earlier this week.

Anyway…my friend has been very helpful yet again and has updated my front cover again, although he said he is happy to keep tweaking it if it doesn’t work for me. So this is the new cover for Part Two.

He has completely revamped the cover for Part Two, entitled WHERE IS THIS PLACE THEY CALL “HOME”?

where is this place they call home coverThis was the cover I showed you earlier in the week, which he had changed at the weekend. It’s so cute! It is based on my idea for the front cover which was to make it deliberately cartoon-style, like some other book covers I have seen. I guess the cartoon feel might not make it clear that our character is on an epic emotional journey

I think the suggestion that the three covers have more in common to identify them as a series was important. .That is not entirely easy to do, because I don’t want my main character’s face on all three books. But we had the idea of using similar colours across all three parts.

Well…my friend selected lots of images and it turns out I have an incredibly pedantic streak. Either the woman in the images looked wrong or I did not like the colouring. But there were a couple of images from Olya Adamovich¬†from¬†Pixabay that I was drawn to. Half of Part Two takes place in a very snowy location (trying so hard not to drop spoilers) and of course right from the start arise questions like where Annabelle will end up? Where does she feel at home or a sense of belonging? What is it that makes somewhere special so that it feels like your home?

This is a reminder of Part One (which has now been tweaked a bit). I know they do not have a wholly coherent theme, but hopefully there is more of a similarity in the feel or atmosphere of the covers.

We might have to revisit the covers again, but as soon as I am finished with Part Three – which I am super excited about – I have a completely new character that is taking shape in a few short stories I have been working on. I really do not know what her story will be quite yet though…but I promise you this, she will be a one novel story. I am not sure I have the patience to write a whole series about one character for a long time.