A Test Of Patience

Woman, Female, Beauty, Model, Fashion You only see the eyes because the rest of my face is hidden behind a facemask. I asked myself throughout the day:

– Do my eyes tell the story of what is going on in my mind?

– Do my eyes reveal the amused smile that lingers every time you speak?

– Do my eyes communicate that I am starting to wonder how I am going to remain calm and friendly and patient despite you wittering on about the most bizarre subjects and expressing the most baffling opinions?

It is so good I have to wear a facemask, because I do not know how I would hide how utterly irritated I was after ten hours of you following me around like a lost puppy and asking me a thousand questions about nothingness.

I was very very very nice to you, placid and polite at all times…but I ask please that you go and follow someone else around because I am afraid I might lose my patience if you do that to me again!

Travelling Companions

I was going to take some time off during the summer again. Last year someone paid a fortune to live in my little nest for a few weeks while I was out in Australia. So we were planning to do the same this year. Rent out my flat while I went away again.


Jack thought it will be a great idea for us to have a holiday together. He knew he was going to be abroad working on projects a lot. He wondered if at some point we could squeeze in a week’s holiday abroad. All those ideas seem futile now.

If we had have been able to have a holiday together, I can already see that he and I have slightly different ideas about where we would want to travel, the accomodation we would enjoy and what we would want to do. Me: somewhere with a comfortable temperature (if we were going to do extreme temperatures, I would prefer a snow holiday over a hot one – sweating night and day is not comfortable), stay with friends in their home, do normal stuff with our friends, fit in with their way of life. Jack: somewhere hot, nice hotel, luxury pool and restaurants, do things we would never be able to do back in England.

I wonder what kind of travelling companions Jack and I would make!!! If the travel industry is still there when the smoke and dust clear from the air, we might give it a try. There could be trouble ahead!!!