It’s The 2020 MasterChef Final!

Platting, Fine Dining, Vegan I have just had a yummy bowl of soup. Inspired by my favourite show, I did something a bit weird to my soup. I added a dollop of peanut butter. I am glad to say it worked really well. It was a spicy soup. When I added the peanut butter it made it taste like satay sauce.

Now I am ready and waiting in anticipation for the grand finale of this year’s series of Masterchef. I have loved this series. For the first time, I have seen every single episode of the series. That’s what not going out does for you.

I have watched Masterchef for the past three years, but for the last couple of years, I missed a lot of the episodes because I was out and about. Before then I did not have a television for over ten years. My prior recollections of the show are from childhood. My mum used to watch Masterchef when it was presented by Lloyd Grossman, the memories of which make me cringe!

I love all three of this year’s finalists. I have loved watching them work. I liked their personalities. I am very excited about the final tonight. Who will win? Oh, it’s exciting!

15 thoughts on “It’s The 2020 MasterChef Final!”

    1. I really was not sure Sheree. I thought he may have just edged it, but when his pastry was not right, I was not certain. I honestly thought all three did very well though. Three different styles but a lot of effort from all of them.

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  1. I remember Masterchef with Lloyd Grossman, my little bunch of friends did a piss take of it for a school assembly which involved one of us wearing a paper mache oversized receding hairline mask which fell off and broke midsketch

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      1. There’s an episode of Hancock’s Half Hour where Tony has to spend an entire scene holding a table up


    1. Spoiler alert:

      His name was Tom. All three did very well. Tom’s style is more pub grub – very tasty and looks great. The kind of food a lot of people here want to eat. The other two did fantastically.

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