My Walk Home

Sunset, Sunrise, Field

I am not sure which was more wonderful on my walk home from work tonight. Was it the harmonious choral symphony from my local feathered neighbours? Was it the fragrant perfumes from trees heavily laden with blossom that graced every breath I inhaled? Was it the cool breeze that refreshed me after a long day on my feet with my and body wrapped up in PPE?

I don’t know what it was…but it made my heart soar. Work can be hard, but I am enjoying it because I am making a difference to people. Making a difference to people is a wonderful thing. But I leave work tired. After a fifteen minute walk my heart is brimming with gladness that I live on such a beautiful planet. I no longer feel tired by the time I reach home.

I am going to eat some salad for dinner, have a shower…and then I am going to watch Masterchef. I am sure I will have sweet dreams and sleep well tonight. My mind and heart are lifted by the wonders I see on my way.

You Were And You Are Always On My Mind

sseeseryI woke up one morning and raised myself up out of bed. I stumbled towards the bathroom and then into the kitchen. As I waited for the kettle to boil I turned on my laptop. Five minutes later I was eating my granola, waiting for my coffee to percolate and trying to follow the BBC news headlines although I was still half asleep…and then…

…I cast my eyes back over my laptop. There were three dozen emails in my inbox, mostly family and friends. But there was one there from you. My heart leapt. I put down my bowl of granola. I muted the television. I began to read your beautiful email.

I know I am cross about you being so far away…but I will say this, your beautiful words were just what I needed to light up my soul. I spent the whole day smiling and feeling a warm glow inside…because you are so wonderful to me.

Maybe you are thousands of miles away, but you are still managing to hold my hand through this. Thank you for being wonderful. Please come home.