A Vital Supply Chain

hdufI know there are a lot of reports about those health care providers in the UK who do not seem to have the PPE they need to protect staff and patients. I have to limit how much news I watch because it starts to drain me of the energy I need for work.

I am sure those who are explaining their predicament are being honest in expressing their frustration. I am glad to say that we receive regular deliveries of PPE that we have been told that the government are sending. I don’t understand how the supply chain is working at the moment. But yesterday another delivery arrived with face masks and gloves.

Doctor, Op, Medical, Operation, HospitalIt is important for those who need PPE to keep shouting up and making it clear they have a need. No health provider should be overlooked, so do shout up.

But I hope people are aware that a huge amount of PPE is being distributed in a way I have never witnessed before. But in this situation 100% of health care providers need to be in receipt of the correct equipment.

I have mixed feelings about some of the what I see. People have the right to say if something is wrong. In the case of not having PPE, it is important for health care providers to shout up. But some people seem to be moaning about everything. Whereas others are trying their best to be positive.

For me…I feel in many ways as if I am out on the battlefield, one of those fighting in the thick of the action, and am very grateful for all the PPE that is coming our way. Some of the news reports are demoralising, at a time when we need encouragement. But it means a lot to me that my family and the people I love and care about are keeping a balanced view. They are a huge support to me and their attitude lessons any anxiety I may otherwise feel.

Hands, Friendship, Friends, ChildrenThey are not complaining about financial hardship or the discomfort of self-isolation. They understand that while a battle is being fought, other things are of lesser importance. They are doing a great job of staying beautifully minded – they make my spirits soar each day. They have their eyes fixed on what matters – our precious life and the wonders of creation, relationships with other people and a good conscience. They are finding ways to be kind and generous with their neighbours and they are just being what they normally are – a delight. I wish we could bottle up the spirit my family are showing and distribute it to anyone who is running round in panic, lamenting everything they see going wrong.

We Will Skip

Children, Silhouette, Cheers, Positive

We will skip in the waves lapping the seashore

While forgetting what made us frightened before

We will leap for joy as we all sing and dance

Thanking our father for giving us a chance

For wiping out tears and helping wounds heal

For causing our most precious dreams to be real

Gone the memory of bitterness and strife

For now on mankind has a new lease of life