Forgiving Jack

Man, Male, Model, Person, Young, People My gorgeous Jack has finally made amends for his decision – I was not happy with him at all for going out on his African circuit.

Yesterday morning I was off work, and Jack finally rang me at a convenient time. I had strong words with him about not ringing me when I need to be sleeping. I told him I need my sleep before work because it is so demanding.

Well…we chatted for a long time yesterday. Jack is being wonderful. It is probably a good thing that he is not trapped in his London flat. It would drive him crazy. Where he is working, there are no restrictions on movement etc at the moment. However, they are educating people that there is an virus more threatening than Ebola and training everyone to wash their hands etc. There have only been a small number of cases where he is, all in connection with travellers from other countries. But so far no spread amongst the general population.

African Child, Joy, Sadness, Love ChildJack has a been shooting lots of footage and he emailed some files to me which I watched last night. It was yet another reminder that happiness does not mean material possessions.

I do love Jack. I was upset that he left England at a stupid time. I don’t like being cross with him. If you know the story of Jack and Caramel, you know that a lot of forgiveness and love has already been applied to the damage done to our relationship. But I did make it clear how I felt about him leaving England when others were desperately trying to return. I have spoken to him about the possibility that he might not be able to get back when he is scheduled to.

uyfghvBut I guess we are both in a good position. I can be busy working as part of the NHS. He can be busy doing what he does, training and educating and equipping people in areas that need a bit of help. He always says, and I know what he means, he learns much much more than he teaches.

There are several charities he is doing some work for while he is out there. One of them send an enormous amount of medical equipment and other much needed supplies.

I miss Jack. But he is in the right place. I had to tell him though…e-mail is best at the moment. He is never going to catch me on the phone, and there is a risk if I did the answer the phone I would be tired and grumbley.

Oh Jack! What am I going to do with you?!!!!!!!!!!

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

One of the most famous world powers was that of ancient Egypt. Images of remarkable acts of construction that took place under the rule of the Egyptian Pharaohs are world famous.

Pyramids, Egypt, Egyptian, Ancient

Almost all of us have learnt about ancient Egypt at school or we have been to a museum and have seen artifacts that archeologists discovered in Egypt and have taken to other lands where they are displayed in museums.

Did you know that the scriptures often use Egypt as a metaphor for the current world system?

It is important to see the human family from our Creator’s perspective. He does not favour one nation over another. He sees a human family descended from Adam. He has made arrangements for all of Adam’s offspring to have what Adam gave up.

of great interestI have pondered myself on everything I have read over and over in the scriptures since I was a child. Right at the start the issue of rulership was raised. Soon all will face the universal issue of who should rule. We know the events forecast to happen in the future. We know how that issue will be settled. But how individuals will choose and behave remains to be seen.

The scriptures indicate that humans are allowed to rule at present. Romans Chapter 13 casts an interesting light on the responsibility allowed to them. It also shows we are to respect the authority they are currently allowed. Obey laws, pay taxes -if in doubt, just remember: “Pay back Caesar’s things to Caesar, but God’s things to God.”

When we think back over the march of world rulers, we see a long history of various forms of government. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We have seen those who provided an element of stability and safety, as well as helpful services for those they ruled over. We have seen those who were harsh and domineering, putting greed before goodness.

Ultimately, no matter how we humans look back on world rulers, the scriptures indicate that is our Creator who acts as judge. When a sincere individual handles the authority allowed them in a responsible way, in a way that shows good qualities, like respect for life, love for creation, concern for people to prevent suffering and hardship, our Creator sees this. When a corrupt ruler is cruel and abusive and shows greed, our Creator also sees.

We also know that when it served His purpose, our Creator has even used rulers. I have given a lot of thought over the past few weeks on the international crisis recorded in the book of Genesis. You know the story…


It is the story of a world ruler who was disturbed by a dream he had. Many are moved by the story of Joseph and how he ended up in Egypt as a prisoner. He suffered for thirteen years unjustly. But unbeknownst to him, a special role lay ahead to him. Joseph gave credit to his Creator when he was able to tell Pharaoh both his dream and it’s correct interpretation.

oiufdnbidIn response Pharoah entrusted Joseph with the task of supervising a gigantic project. During the seven years of plentiful harvests that followed, under Joseph’s direction, excess grain was gathered into huge storehouses.

Then when seven years of famine followed, people from surrounding nations travelled to Egypt to purchase grain. This was a provision to preserve lives. I was reading Genesis 47 last night about what happened when people ran out of money and could no longer afford to buy grain. Even then a solution was provided. There was a way to manage the crisis.

Many lives would have been saved because of how the crisis was handled. When a human government handles their responsibility well that is a positive thing. We benefit from many decisions and services human governments make.

We know that decades later, things had changed dramatically. A new Pharaoh ruled, one who had a haughty attitude. He behaved very differently. He committed an act that our Creator deemed wicked.


The record of human rulership is there for all to witness. There have been good, there have been bad, there have been very ugly. There are some rulers that you and I would have no qualms about labelling as “wicked”. But many others have been weak. They have been unable to fulfil their promises in their manifestos. The challenges they face are too great.

warzoneAll of them are imperfect. All of them are inadequate as they fail to ensure all of those they rule over are safe and have what they need. The current international crisis we are all affected by highlights why even the most sincere of human rulers is not qualified to rule mankind. Even when someone good hearted is in rulership they do not have the wisdom and power to protect all of their people. The challenges they face are too large issues too complex.

What history has proven is that human rulership in whatever form it takes is an impossible task. Our Creator has something better in mind for the human family and all other creatures on planet earth.

However, individual rulers are accountable for themselves. Not all would be deemed wicked by our Creator. Some have tried their best in a very demanding stressful role. Others have been corrupt and abusive. We have seen rulers who do seem to care about people, and other rulers who seem to care about themselves and wealth.

In the future we know that some human rulers, and we do not know who those individual rulers will be yet, will try to commit an act our Creator deems wicked. We also know what leads up to that event. At the moment, we benefit from those rulers who do care and despite being imperfect, are trying to protect their populace. Our Creator sees that.

One thing we all realize is that in this modern world, things can happen very quickly. A universal issue is ahead. It is that issue of rulership that will prompt dramatic events ahead. But it will pass relatively quickly. The end…the end of the challenge to our Creator’s rulership which began with Adam will be a period in which our Creator heals mankind and all other creatures on earth. The earth is to be the global paradise he originally purposed. No more tears. No more pain.