Bursting Into Life

Spring Background, Cherry Blossoms, SkyI was walking to work yesterday when blossom from the cherry trees that line are avenue started to rain down upon me and I found myself adorned with white petals like confetti.

Creation provides so much wonderful, no matter what the challenge, so much beautiful – it helps me to forget the world and think about what really counts.

When I have more time and more energy, I mean to write about some of the unhelpful opinions and ideas that are floating around the internet. In the meantime, protect your mind and heart by observing the wonders of creation….from your window or garden. Here in the northern hemisphere, everything is bursting into life. Or just lay still and listen to the birds singing.

I am on my way to work again…but first of all, the bakery at the end of the road for my dark sourdough loaf. I realized this week that none of the local bakeries are using their slicers. People have to buy a whole loaf and slice it at home (which makes a mess). But my loaf comes already sliced because it is made by an external supplier. On

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