What Kind Of World Do You Want To Live In?

We have been working very hard under some demanding conditions…we are not the only ones. But everyday we do try to make some time to cheer each other up with something positive. It is our way to keep our whole team strong.

My manager showed me a great video. It is one of the best I have seen over these past few weeks. I found it gave me a lot of cheer in my heart to watch it.Β 

People can show remarkable qualities under stress. Or…they can show selfishness. We are all learning a lot about ourselves because for many of us our circumstances have changed over night.

Global Warming, Pollution, EnvironmentI will say this…I am not overly worried about the economic set up of this world recovering itself. It’s been riddled with corruption, baiting people to give in to their own desires and greed, encouraging them to buy now pay later for so long…and allowing monopolies and the filthy rich to clap their hands in glee while others struggle. I have always found it disgusting that there are economic extremes that allow a few people to amass wealth beyond belief, whilst a billion people go to bed every day hungry.

But what I am genuinely hoping is that people are making the most of this time to stop and think – what kind of life do we want to lead? One that revolves around a greedy commercial system? One that spews out harmful pollution that damages wildlife and our environment? One where people live in cramped conditions in cities with buildings so tall they block out nature and make it easy for disease to spread quickly?

paradise7Or would we actually prefer to all spread out a little bit? Perhaps be assigned some land to take care of? Would we enjoy designing and building our own houses with the help of our neighbours? Teaching our children all about how to grow vegetables and make all our meals from scratch? Having the time to learn to paint or play an instrument? Getting together with our neighbours for great food, live music and dance? Feeling free to breathe in fresh air, enjoy birdsong and linger as we watch the sunset paint the sky in waves of rainbow?

I would love to think that people will be different from now on. We are all in this together. Our human family. Will we come out of this better than we were before? What kind of world would you like to live in? Things don’t have to go back to the way they were. They could be so much better!


25 thoughts on “What Kind Of World Do You Want To Live In?

  1. Yes, I agree. I’d love to think we can make some changes based on this experience. One of the best things is the slowed down pace of life. My husband doesn’t have to commute, the kids and I can spend time relaxing in the sun.

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    1. It is nice that the crazy pace of London has slowed down. Normally we are all packed like sardines on the tube and buses. Tha can’t happen now. People don’t seem in a rush. They wait their turn to enter the supermarket patiently.


        1. Pubs, restaurants, hotels are closed. All non-essential sops are closed. Food shops and pharmacies are open. The streets are much quieter. People are allowed to go out for one form of exercise a day.

          I have been working lots, so I only see the streets before and after work. It is usually very quiet then.

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  2. I totally agree to your sentiments here Mel – sadly the UK has a long way to go and way past the current climate to even reach a fraction of what you describe. We are an over populated island who has continued to allow more in and we have become even more over populated to the point that our governments have squandered incomes on shareholder greeds, they cut much needed budgets on services that are now very much needed for the people who voted them in. But one of the hugest elements here is overglobal populations – that needs to change to start the ball rolling to serious change.

    I would love to see major change globally, but the biggest changes are now coming through from nature who is forcing her hand rightly so, to show what can be done when you overpopulate, continually destroy for expansion and strip bare natural resources.

    The world is now suffering as a result of its own greed. Western societies are hard hit because of greed and that is a universal greed.

    It isn’t so much that people don’t want to be different l think many do, but until all of our governments employ that thought many will simply get back onto the band wagon and start the engine blocks up again. Indeed l wrote about this very subject at the start of the week … so as said l do agree with all of your sentiments here … but this is just stage one of what could be the start to overall change and only if allowed.

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  3. Having read a couple books about Th Great Depression I think we should all be concerned about the potential for an economic collapse. Many people suffered and many people died. To think it couldn’t happen again would simply be foolish -and this time it would be world wide. As they say – Plan for the worst and pray for the best.

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  4. I wish I could believe that things will change for the better. My hope is, at the very least, the way people work will change. As a mum and full-time employee being able to work remotely is a God send. I hope that the home working companies have been forced into will demonstrate that flexibility can work.

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    1. I think you are so right. Especially in London. People travel an hour across London on a packed underground train. So much of their work can be done remotely.


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