When Leaving The House Is An Ordeal

Corona, Mask, Full Face, Coverage Mike knew that he had no choice. He had spent two weeks trying to book a slot for home delivery on the supermarket’s website. But every time he checked there were no slots left.

He opened the cupboards…all he could see was forty bags of dried pasta. He had run out of everything else. There was nothing he could make a sauce out of. He didn’t even have any oil or salt left.

Realizing he was now going to have to venture out to the local supermarket in person, he went to his store cupboard to pull out his “bag-for-life”. To reach his shopping bag, he had to pull out the two hundred toilet rolls he had managed to squeeze into his store cupboard.

Mike then spent ten minutes preparing himself to leave the house. He placed his makeshift PPE over his face and finally put on his bright yellow marigolds. He opened the door and set off down to the supermarket.

On arriving at the PriceDropper Supermarket, Mike joined the back of the queue that stretched across the entire carpark. Forty minutes later he finally entered the doors and was able to fill up his shopping basket.

Mike walked back up the hill with his groceries. On reaching his home, he put his hand into his pockets to pull out his keys. Damn! Mike had left the house without his keys. Mike tried to locate his phone. Double damn! Mike had left the house without his phone.


I Just Called To Say…

Sorrow, Phone, Sad Bear, BearThere are random times of the day (…and I wish I could say of the night, but for the past month I have been sleeping like a baby every night) when I just want to hear your voice.

A sudden urge wells up inside of me to call you and tell you all sorts of mundane nonsense that I know you are not interested in. But when I rattle away like that…I hope you understand that the only reason I am calling is to say “I love you!”…and that I am secretly longing to hear you say those very words to me.

I love the sound of your voice. I love the thought of you. The memories of you. Sorry for all the nonsense I talk when I call you…all I mean is…I LOVE YOU! Goodnight xx