Admitted To Intensive Care

jgpodsopjNow the BBC news are saying the Prime Minister has been admitted to Intensive Care. That sounds rather concerning. It doesn’t sound like just precautionary testing anymore.

I know I keep mentioning that I am politically neutral. But I am human, and so is he. I am sure he, like others, will receive excellent care. I do hope he is going to be ok. I know so many who have suffered due to the …you know… but it is all becoming so dramatic, with even the Prime Minister clearly being severely affected by it.

From one day to the next, there has been so much drama over the past few weeks. I have heard people say it feels like a movie. I am not sure even Hollywood could make up a plot like this.

This is a very real situation – and we are all in this together.

7 thoughts on “Admitted To Intensive Care”

    1. ❤ Our generation have not faced a challenge like this – but it does help that we can all encourage each other and empathise with each other too. ❤


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