Love = Home

❤ The best way to show love right now is to STAY AT HOME ❤

They say it will be a sunny weekend ahead in England. Enjoy the weather, but please remember, your actions are of life or death significance. Protect our precious.

Beach, Sand, Landscape, Marine

Thank you for your heartfelt sacrifices. By STAYING AT HOME you are playing a key role in the battle.

5 thoughts on “Love = Home”

    1. I missed that at the cinema. Both of my younger sisters went and they loved it!
      I used to live close to Highclere Castle, and I even managed to weave that part of the country into my Annabelle Riley book.

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      1. Oh I’d love to visit Highclere one day! I find it so fascinating visiting these old stately homes, particularly to see how they operated and how the ‘downstairs’ functioned and lived. Such interesting stuff!


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