The Plan For This Evening

For the first time I have come home feeling really tired physically. I had to start earlier and I ended up having to do work I would not normally be expected to do. It was very physical. I had to remember all of my manual handling training. But this evening, it’s that “I can feel every muscle in my body throbbing” kind of tiredness.

Therefore, I am going to have a delicious dinner and…a lovely relaxing bath and…smother myself with my lavender sleepy lotion and…put my fleecy pyjamas on and…watch “Masterchef” and…go to bed.

Sounds like a great plan – does it not!


Ingrained Within My Very Core

Heart, Wood, Logs, Combs Thread CuttingDon’t ask me to deny what is ingrained in me. Don’t ask me to suppress the core of me, the love that is carved upon my soul, the feelings that ripple within, the passion that has welled up and caused me to blossom.

You have seeped into every part of my being. I am what I am because of the way you have inclined me. Seasons of joy and fond affection with you have made me lush and verdant for everyone else to find shade.

But it was always you who fed me from the roots. It was always you who made my heart beat. You caused me to grow strong and proud. Without you I would be lost in a forest. But you have made me mighty, the admiration of many.

Don’t ask me to forget you…for there is no forgetting what is ingrained within one’s very core.