While You Were Self-Isolating…

awiaaWhile you STAY AT HOME, are you contemplating writing (or finishing) a book? A novel or a poetry book, an autobiography or your memoirs? My advice is DO IT! It is such a rewarding experience to see your work finally in book form. This extra time at home could be the start of something exciting for you!

It’s been such a busy month. March has just flown by in the blink of an eye! I was looking through the ninety posts in my drafts folder with a hint of sadness last night. So many were about my hopes and plans for the spring and summer months. But they have to stay on ice right now. We are all having a taste of that. But imagine being able to show your new book to your family in a few months time and telling them, “while you were self-isolating, look what I was doing!”

But one of the posts I had started made me smile. I am so very grateful to Ashley, the creator of Mental Health @ Home, who has reviewed the first two parts of my three part series about Annabelle Riley (Learner At Love). This is the post in which Ashley reviewed Part Two of the series which is called Where Is This Place They Call “Home”?



Thank you so much Ashley for all of your support and encouragement!

What Jack Was Listening To

Guitar, Music, Female, Girl, MusicianJack loves music. Probably more than I do. He is also musical. I love that he is musical. He surprises me by the range of music he listens to. He really loves modern pop music, much more than I do. It is rare than I get a bite for modern pop music. But he is always asking me to listen to songs I have never heard before and introducing musicians to me that have never been on my radar.

Anyway…we were out one evening back in January, and a song was playing. He grabbed me and span me round. Jack looked at me and said this song was in his head for months and it made him think of me. This song was released before Jack and I became estranged. But he said this was one of the songs that was forever whirling around his head. There are a couple of others he mentioned too. Maybe I will save them for another day.