Poop On The Patio

Castle Park, Hotel, Terrace, ParkNo photos of the actual poop – I promise!

I only mention it because there was a danger that as a member of the health service I was in danger of acquiring an inflated sense of importance. Suddenly the entire NHS have been exalted to superhero status (quite right too!), but to keep me grounded, I had a reminder this week that just because I am working ridiculously long days in extremely demanding conditions, there is no reason to feel all elevated.

Instead I was assigned the task of scraping the poop off the patio because my clients, who are now working from home, were sunbathing in their garden (which is an appropriate exercise when social distancing) and complained that all they could see was the poop on the patio. By the looks of things, it had been there for days. Poor clients had not thought of clearing it off the patio themselves.

iashSo I put on my PPE and went about the task.

Not only am I fighting on the front line of the invisible war…I am also an expert at property maintenance.

No task too great…no task too menial. Self-importance is soooooo overrated. Long ago, when I saw it in others who have had a big influence on me and been an inspiration, I realized that humility is one of the most beautiful qualities a human can display. I have fallen in love with people when I witnessed their humility. So…I am going to remind myself that poop on the patio is no big deal.

Not only will I carry on working hard at my day job…I’ll roll up my sleeves and take on any other work that needs to be done.


14 thoughts on “Poop On The Patio”

    1. You are right.
      It just made me smile.
      One moment clapping for the hard work the NHS are doing, and next minute asking me to scrape the poop they have had to endure looking at all week. Just wondered why it never crossed their minds to remove it themselves.

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      1. Because no one will touch poop. I’m laughing because I can deal with just about anything, vomit…but I can’t deal with poop. Years ago I paid my daughter $10 to get a sample for the vet! Now I have to do it myself but I can’t look when I’m doing it.


    1. I have to remember that is a task that will take a few moments and then be over and done with. It just made me laugh because they were all clapping and cheering the NHS, but still wanted an NHS worker to do what they wouldn’t.

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  1. You are better person than me. I guess I’m better knowing it came from a wild animal rather than a lazy pet owner not picking up after their dog. That’s a pet peeve of mine. Pun intended! 😉


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