It’s All Gone Out The Window

Practice, Op, Doctor, Medical, EquipmentAt work we have lots of excellent procedures in place and additionally very helpful processes that help us to be super organised. Normally, our entire operation goes very smoothly.

However…just over a month ago we could tell something was changing. Three weeks ago, it exploded. Since then the pace at work has been unbelievable. All those great processes that help us stay organized and help things run smoothly…I am afraid “it’s all gone out of the window”.

At the moment it feels like we are constantly being bombarded with new work. But my manager has been great. She has come up with some different ways of organising us so that we can keep up with the work. So far, so good. We are somehow just about managing. But there seems no time to breathe!

sadiadaIt’s not the only area of my life where normal routines have “gone out the window”. My blogging is all over the place. Normally I always make time for SHARE-YOUR-WORLD posts. At the moment, I am struggling. Instead you are seeing a random mishmash of posts with my spurious thoughts.

My excuse is that I am in the middle of what feels like a tornado at work. We are all spinning around and somehow, we are managing to keep on top of things. But I come home and my priority is food, shower, sleep. So forgive me…my posts might be a bit spurious for some time to come!

It’s all gone out the window…but somehow. I am managing to just about keep up!

Obey The Direction, It’s For Your Protection

I am half work work work, and half trying to keep myself sane at the moment. I try to switch off at night otherwise I can’t stop thinking about our patients and the vulnerable members of my family.

It’s great to come home from a long day at work and look at all the posts that have been published during the day. You are all like bright sparks cheering me up at the end of a stressful day.

I can tell that many peeps are perplexed. I understand why. For us at work adrenaline has kicked in and we are on full alert. There is a lot of stress around us. I am finding more than ever singing is helping me. I sing on my way to work. It lifts my heart. I would sing home but normally a friend or a relative is calling me as soon as I leave work so I tend to be chattering away on the walk home from work.

sadwasSinging does wonders for me. What do you do when stress is on the rise to lift your spirits instantly? I have been searching out things to cheer me up and fortify my thinking. I have ended up not only with things to make me laugh or smile, but wonderful wonderful heart warming things to infuse me with power.

I have been telling every one of our patients, stay calm, don’t panic, but listen and obey the direction, it is for your protection! I found a children’s song on line that I found very moving. I think it sums up what the NHS and government agencies are trying to say:


Hand washing and self-isolation for anyone with coronavirus symptoms, over seventies and other at risk groups. We are working very hard to make sure you have what you need! Please please helps us by taking the directions seriously. We want to limit the extent of loss of life and suffering. We are all in this in together! Please speak positively about handwashing and self-isolation. Don’t let people think this is an optional thing. Make sure they understand it will save lives!